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This site is an instance of the web app software. The code is GPLv3 Affero licensed FLOSS software. The primary use for this software is to facilitate the parsing and sharing of practical useful information via blog posts to be shared amongst family and a closed circle of acquaintances. The users are divided into communities in order to control who has access to which blog posts. Additionally, (on a user-by-user basis) it has features for tracking things which one would normally track in one's personal life such as recurring payments, banking transactions and recurring to-do list items. In other words you get to create and share blog posts, and you get to keep track of personal records. instances are run by (at least) one Admin who's in charge of (among other things) adding communities, adding topics, adding users, and approving content.

If you'd like to become a member of this instance then contact its Admin. If you stumble across a different instance you can ask its Admin to join. Otherwise, if you'd like to create your own instance you can either use the source code yourself found at or you could contact Admin and try to persuade him/her to help you set it up. You'll find the email address of each instance's Admin on the login page/form.

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