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Software Description

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Sameh R. Labib is the original author of this document and is the owner of the web app software. This document may be edited by others in the future. That is why he may refer to himself in the third person.

This site is an instance of the web app software. web app code is GPLv3 Affero licensed FLOSS software.

Use Cases

  1. To have a hierarchically organized blogging system.
  2. To stay organized via a database system.

The blog portion of the web app software is for sharing information amongst family and friends. Members are assigned communities in order to limit each member to posts he / she is interested in.

On a member-by-member basis, web app has features for keeping track of things which a prudent person would want to keep track of in their personal life such as: instances are run by (at least) one Admin who's in charge of (among other things) adding communities, adding topics, adding members, and approving content. You'll find the email address of each instance's Admin on the login page / form. However, if you become a member you will be able to contact Admin using the internal messaging system.

To become a member of this instance you need to ask its Admin for an account. The Admin will consider whether you are suitable for membership based on trust and purpose.

There may be other instances of web app on the Internet. You may be able to join them too!

If you'd like to create your own instance of a web app you can either use the source code yourself found at and / or you could contact an Admin and try to persuade him / her to help you set it up. You will need to configure the server to run this software. Sameh R. Labib's instance has the documentation. Sam suggests you join his instance.

Sameh R. Labib is an Admin for the instance of the web app software. Sam also has a Discord channel named which he may allow you to join.

Be good to one another. — Sameh R. Labib

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